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New Discontinued, Orphaned, or Box Damaged ItemsNew Discontinued, Orphaned, or Box Damaged Items
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 Japanese Plastering Trowel for Ventian Plaster. Pointed ($50.00) In Stock
 Naniwa Chosera stone - 2000 grit - 8 1/4" x 2 3/4" x 1" (version with no base) ($79.99) In Stock
 Naniwa Flattening Plate - 220 Grit 170x55x30mm (fine) ($15.95) In Stock
Many of our customers have been asking us, "How about some Black Friday discounts?" We're not really set up for that, but we do try to give the people what they want. So we looked around and found some new tools and accessories that were strays. These are products we discontinued, or the manufacturer discontinued, or we bought a couple and considered carrying them but never did, or some other reason. You get the picture. These are all new tools and they're messing up our warehouse inventory by hanging around. Good news for you! Some of these products are available elsewhere on-line, but nowhere at these special savings.

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