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Liberon Woodturning Finishing KitLiberon Woodturning Finishing Kit
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Liberon's Woodturning Finishing Kit contains what you need for the two most popular methods of finishing woodturned work: polish, wax and the supporting cast of cloths and steel wool. It's a great was to get a little of everything at a great price, so you can experiment with different finishing techniques or just have a good stock of all the common woodturning finishing supplies in one place. The kit contains the following: a 250ml container of Woodturner's Lathe Polish (a shellac-based finish you can use while the wood is still turning on the lathe); a Woodturning Stick (a carnauba-based wax that gives a durable gloss); 2 Safety Cloths (fine buffing cloths that tear very easily if they get caught in the chuck); a 150ml can of neutral Bison Paste Wax (for an easily renewable glossy top coat); a Liberon Wax and Silicone Free Premium Tack Cloth (for getting rid of any dust on the work); 100gms of Liberon's oil - free, super-fine 0000 steel wool; and full instructions.
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