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 25 pads - 100 Grit ($36.00) In Stock
 10m roll - 100 Grit ($46.00) In Stock
 30 pads - 320 Grit ($36.00) Sold Out
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 10m roll - 320 Grit ($46.00) In Stock
 30 pads - 800 Grit ($36.00) In Stock
 10m roll - 800 Grit ($46.00) In Stock
 30 pads - 1000 Grit ($36.00) In Stock
 10m roll - 1000 Grit ($46.00) In Stock
Vlies mesh abrasive by Festool finally available for hand sanding. Available in a range of grits stretching from heavy duty material removal to final polishing. Vlies is a very flexible material that won't clog and will conform to whatever surface you are finishing. Packages of pads are available or you can save and get a big roll for frequent use.

The pads are all 4-1/2" x 6" and come in an easy to tear apart but not lose accordion pack.

The rolls are all 4-1/2" x 33' long.

Available in 4 grits.   

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