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Found in Departments: FESTOOL Vacuums (Mobile dust extractors)
FESTOOL Vacuum HosesFESTOOL Vacuum Hoses
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 Smooth Suction Antistatic Hose, 27mm diam. 3M (10') for CT-SYS (#201665) ($115.00) In Stock
 Smooth Suction Antistatic Hose, 27mm diam. 3.5M (11.5') for Mini/Midi (#500680) ($160.00) In Stock
 Smooth Suction Antistatic Hose, 27mm diam. 11.5M (11.5') for CT 26/36/48 (#500677) ($130.00) Sold Out
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 Smooth Suction Antistatic Hose, 27mm diam. 16.5M (16.5') for CT 26/36/48 (#500678) ($170.00) In Stock
 Smooth Suction Antistatic Hose, 36mm diam. 3.5M (11.5') for (#500681) ($175.00) In Stock
 Smooth Suction Antistatic Hose, 36mm diam. 5M (16.5') for (#500684) ($205.00) In Stock
 Hose D36x7m , CT (#452885) ($155.00) In Stock
 Smooth Suction Antistatic Hose, 36mm diam. 7M (23') for (#500685) ($250.00) In Stock
 Hose D50x2.5m Anti-static , CT (#452888) ($150.00) In Stock
 Hose D50x4m Anti-static , CT (#452890) ($210.00) In Stock
 Hose D27x3.5m, CT (#452877) ($92.00) In Stock
 Hose D27x5m , CT (#452879) ($105.00) In Stock
 Hose D36x3.5m , CT (#452881) ($110.00) In Stock
 Hose D36x5m , CT (#452883) ($130.00) In Stock
We can supply a wide range of hoses for your Festool vacuums. In general, the anti-static hoses are the most popular, since little bits of dust don't stick to the hose, keeping the whole situation a lot cleaner. In addition the smooth woven surface of the anti-static hoses will not catch on edges on other obstructions. The gray non-antistatic hoses are ridged flexible plastic.

The basic hose that comes with the vacs is 27mm in diameter. The next hose size up (36mm) will fit the larger tools - circular saws, Kapex, the 1400 router and larger, but not the sanders. The smaller hose fits in the inside of the hose connector and the larger hose fits the outside of the connector. If you are doing fairly heavy-duty work, the larger hose will clear debris faster and better. This especially true for the Kapex and the big OF 2200 router. In addition the larger hoses work better for cleaning when you are using the hose as a general shop vacuum.

Note: Most of the vacuum accessory kits also include a larger diameter hose so if you are planning to get a kit you may not need to order the larger hose by itself.

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