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Festool STL 450 Surface Control Inspection LightFestool STL 450 Surface Control Inspection Light
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Festool STL 450 Surface Control Inspection Light|
Festool STL 450 Surface Control Inspection Light|
Festool STL 450 Surface Control Inspection Light|

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If you shine a light low and along a surface every bump, spot of dust, or flaw gives you an instantly visible shadow. The Festool STL inspection light is a rugged strip of LED lights designed to make this process easier and faster, and is something that will make your job better.

A better job first off means less time going back and fixing, and a better reputation for you and your work.

If you’re finishing a tabletop or sanding a wall - whether for a professional job or just meeting your own exacting standards - you’re going to want to catch every flaw while you still can fix it. Stop defects in their tracks! The STL 450 provides high quality inspection lighting, with 1500 lumens and a color temperature of 5000K.

The design brings the lighting super-close to the surface with an impact-resistant, non-marring shell that won’t damage your work. On it's own the long light can be held low against your work and you will instantly see defects magnified. In the accessory tripod you can set up the light to expose defects on your work as you are working.

A bonus: It’s hard to get long warranties on lighting, but the STL 430 is covered by the standard Festool 3 year warranty.  

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