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 5000 grit - fine (#499021) ($39.00) Temporarily Sold Out
 6000 grit - fine - 500ml Bottle (#492424) ($33.00) In Stock
 9000 grit - extra fine (#496300) ($30.00) In Stock
 11000 grit - super fine (#202051) ($34.00) In Stock New Style!
These polishing compounds are used to take your work from a finely finish to a mirror polish. Used in conjunction with any of the Rotex duel mode sanders or the Shinex polisher these compounds are applied using either a felt or foam pad. Two grades of polish are available: fine, for a preliminary polish which then can be followed (on a clean pad) for the final gloss finish, with the extra fine polish.

The compounds are essentially a liquid wax with abrasive powder (also known as "burnishing cream") and can really pump up the shine of any topcoat material. 1/2 liter bottles (about a pint). Ground shipment only.  

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