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Festool MX 1200 EF MixerFestool MX 1200 EF Mixer
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Festool MX 1200 EF Mixer|
Festool MX 1200 EF Mixer|

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 Mixer MX 1200 E EF USA includes Spiral Stirrer, ErgoFix Adapter, Wrench (#575213) ($390.00) In Stock
 Spiral stirrer HS 2 140X600 M 14. Best for viscous materials, tile cement, filling compounds, flooring mixtures, ready-mix plasters, screed, smoothing cement and filling mixtures(#769031) ($30.00) Sold Out
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 Helical stirrer CS 140x600 M14 (#769117) For epoxy resin, filler, leveling compound, cement, adhesives ($30.00) In Stock
 Disc stirrer WS 2 140x600 M14 (#769022). For liquid materials, paints, varnishes, wall paint, emulsion paint, wallpaper paste, glue, tile cement ($30.00) In Stock
 Adapter AD-EF-M14/80 ErgoFix (#769091) ($15.00) Sold Out
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The MX 1200 Mixer gives you what you need from a mixer: ergonomic comfort, powerful torque and the ability to get the right stirring speed for a wide range of materials. The mixer’s protective cap with labyrinth seal prevents the penetration of spray water and dirt, and the soft start with variable speed trigger prevents material splash when you start up. The powerful high-torque 1200 W (1.6 HP) motor gets the job done.

The mixer is comfortable to use with a large lever arm and Festool’s ErgoFix height adjustment, which enables you to quickly set or adjust the working height of the mixer without any tools. Stable rubber corners protect the machine against damage and, at the same time, enable secure set-down and non-slip leaning against the wall. You’ll be able to tackle every challenge.

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