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FESTOOL Kapex KS120 EB Mitre saw
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FESTOOL Kapex KS120 EB Mitre sawFESTOOL Kapex KS120 EB Mitre saw
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FESTOOL Kapex KS120 EB Mitre saw|
FESTOOL Kapex KS120 EB Mitre saw| - The UG-Kapex Mobile Cutting Station is designed so that one person can transport, unload, load, and setup the Kapex.
FESTOOL Kapex KS120 EB Mitre saw| - note: This video is silent.

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Festool has come up with a new sliding compound miter saw that is light, fast, easy to use and just plain smart. The Kapex saw is the first miter saw with MMC electronics-driven variable speed, which lets you match the speed of the blade with the special requirements of the material you're cutting (so wood is just the beginning!). The saw has a base of a super-light magnesium alloy with deep ribbing, an integrated blade trough and rubber feet, so it's designed to be lightweight but also remarkably stable, resistant to slippage and protective of the blade. As with all of Festool tools, the Kapex has outstanding dust extraction - it's designed to capture 91% of the saw dust when used with a CT dust extractor. Your work piece, your eyes and your lungs will all thank you. We could go on all day about the great and innovative features: The Kapex's dual laser marking system accurately defines the cut area for precise cut placements. The lasers are adjustable if need be and project through slots in the blade guard so that you can see the guides before you turn on the saw without moving the guard out of the way.

Festool knows that a big use of compound miter saws is, well, compound miter sawing! so they have included a clever angle transfer device that can copy and angle directly from the wall, and allow you to transfer the setting directly to the saw. No more complex angle calculations required! The Kapex also has available a crown stop and base extension that will make cutting molding much simpler and faster. It has the cutting capacity of a 12" unit in a 10" miter saw design, and is capable of cutting trim molding almost 4 3/4"(120 mm) tall in the special cutting position and hardwoods greater than 3" thick. The celebrated FastFix blade change system lets you change blades very rapidly in just a few simple steps. It's easy to make fine bevel adjustments, with the tool's upfront controls, coupled with a counter-spring mechanism, for precise bevel placement. You will get more accurate, smoother cuts than ever before. The Kapex can even be placed against a wall for all cutting tasks because of its rail-forward design. Of course, like all Festool tools, it's designed to transport easily to the jobsite and integrate into all Festool multi-function tables.

In another example of the well thought-out Festool design, the distance between the cutting table and the bottom of the Kapex is exactly the height of a Systainer 1, so you can put a couple of Systainers on the floor and use them as bed extenders. However we think most Kapex users will also be interested in the Kapex Multifunction table, which is 34-7/32" x 22-7/8" and exactly a Systainer 1 shorter than the new MFT3 tables so that you can use your regular MFT/3 tables as outboard supports. The Kapex table folds up like the regular MFT3 table, but does not come with a separate fence or miter attachment. The Kapex table is drilled for hold-downs and accessories just like the regular MFT3 Table (not included). You can get the clamping kit (see below) to clamp your Kapex to the table but the Kapex rubber feet also fit into the holes in the table top.

With the MFT table you can get extensions to turn the Kapex into a regular shop chop saw with cutting stops, and rails to support the wood. The entire set up is pretty portable and comes apart very easily.

Another solution introduced in 2011 is a portable cart (#497354). The UG-Kapex Mobile Cutting Station increases portability and functionality on the jobsite or in the workshop. Equipped with large wheels, the UG easily navigates your work area, and breaks down quickly and easily for transport. All you do is unbolt the two extension rails, fold the cart up with the Kapex still in place, and you are ready to roll away. The two expandable extensions allow for large stock support and provide plenty of surface area with integrated flip stops and scale.

Power Consumption 1600 Watts
Speed 1,400-3,400 RPM
Cutting Depth 90°/ 90° 12" x 3-1/2"
Left/Right Cutting Depth 45°/ 90° 8 15/32" x 3-1/2"
Left Cutting Depth 45°/ 45° 8 15/32" x 2-1/8"
Right Cutting Depth 45°/ 45° 8 15/32" x 1-3/8"
Special Cutting Depth 4-23/32 x 3/4"
Crown Nested Capacity 6-5/8"
Max Bevel 47°/ 47°
Miter Range 50°/ 60°
Dimensions (W x D x H) 28" x 19 3/4" x 18 1/2"
Dust Port 27/36mm
Weight 47 lbs.
MFT/3 Kapex Table Weight 42 lbs.

Package include: Kapex Saw, 60 tooth blade (#494604), Angle Transfer Device (MiterFast)(# 494370). Hold Down Clamp (#494391), and a wrench.
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