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by Vic Tesolin

It's easy to be intimidated by woodworking and feel that without a huge shop and lots of power tools you can't really call yourself a woodworker. The Minimalist Woodworker takes the opposite view. You just need a little bit of space for a basic workbench, a few essential hand tools and the desire to make something. This simple, smart and straightforward book gives you the recipe: the basic guidelines for creating a small workspace; the list of tools (planes, saws, marking tools, drills, chisels) you'll need; expert techniques for skills including sharpening and measuring; and six workshop projects you'll use again and again. The author, Vic Tesolin, also emphasizes a stress-free approach that promotes simplicity and enjoyment, enabling you to build more with less. “If you are at the beginning of the craft or know someone who is, The Minimalist Woodworker is a great place to start.” “ Christoper Schwarz, Lost Art Press 150 pages. Softcover.

Pages: 151
Binding: Soft Cover
Publisher: Spring House Press

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