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FESTOOL Sortainer DrawersFESTOOL Sortainer Drawers
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FESTOOL Sortainer Drawers|
FESTOOL Sortainer Drawers|
FESTOOL Sortainer Drawers|
FESTOOL Sortainer Drawers|

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 3 large drawers (#200119) ($170.00) Sold Out
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 1 large drawer, 1 medium drawer, and 2 small drawers (#491522) ($170.00) In Stock
 6 medium drawers (#491984) ($180.00) In Stock
 6 small drawers, 3 medium drawers (#491985) ($185.00) In Stock
 12 small drawers (#491986) ($190.00) In Stock
 6 Small Containers each 2-3/8" x 2-3/8 x 2 3/4" deep. (#500066) ($12.50) In Stock
 4 Medium Containers each 4-3/4" x 2-3/8 x 2 3/4" deep. (#500067) ($14.75) In Stock
 2 Large Containers each 7-3/32 x 4-3/4 x 2 3/4" deep. (#500066) ($17.75) In Stock
 Container Set(#201124) ($27.00) In Stock
 10 pack of dividers for small drawers (#491691) ($10.00) In Stock
Sortainers are Systainers with drawers in front. About twelve minutes after you have unloaded your tools from their Systainer cases on a jobsite or in the workshop and realized that the sandpaper / drill bits / router bit that you need are either scattered in a random bag that you left on the truck or in a cabinet on the other side of the shop or job site (whew!), the logic of the Sortainer becomes clear. Almost every tool in the Festool system comes in a Systainer case so that you can bolt them together, or attach them to a vacuum and transport everything you need in one convenient shot. However, once you get to your destination, you flip up the Systainer's lid and end up separating the tools you need. And of course the Systainer cases don't hold much beside the tool. Sortainers have lots of drawers of different sizes for accessories. What you do is bolt the Sortainer under the tool and just leave it there. So when you get to the jobsite with a sander, all the sanding attachments and disks are nearly ordered in a bunch of drawers under the tool box. It will save you hours! The drawers all have detents so that they won't spill open in transit. They bolt together and attach to all the Systainers, and you can stack as many as you like. The Systainer comes in a bunch of different configurations. Drawer dividers are included.

We also stock little lift-out boxes of varying sizes, all of which have interlocking feet so that they do not shift around during transport
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