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Festool DWC 18 Automatic Drywall GunFestool DWC 18 Automatic Drywall Gun
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Festool DWC 18 Automatic Drywall Gun|
Festool DWC 18 Automatic Drywall Gun| - The auto feed attachment detaches easily when necessary.
Festool DWC 18 Automatic Drywall Gun|
Festool DWC 18 Automatic Drywall Gun| - In addition to the auto-feed head for drill also comes with a single screw head for doing one screw at a time.

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Anytime you have to hang drywall you are committing to putting in hundreds if not thousands of screws. This cordless drywall gun reflects the newest technology in strip-fed screws.

The way it works is that you first set the nose of the tool for the length of screw you are using. Then you insert a strip of screws.

There are two modes of operation: Manual - press down on the drill, and then pull the trigger and the screw gets installed. Automatic - push down on the drill it starts up and sets a screw.

Boom, boom, boom, you can install screws just as fast as you can move the drill.

Unlike some other drills on the market you can easily remove the unused portion of a screw strip just by pull on a lever, and if the screw tip wears out or needs changing - the entire change can be easily done without need any tools. In addition to the automatic screw feed the drill comes with a screw head for manually seating one screw at a time.

Like all cordless tools in the Festool family the DWC 18 is available as a basic model, with no batteries, or as a Plus model which also includes two batteries and a charger. The basic version is great if you already own other Festool 18V cordless tools, but otherwise, obviously you need the plus model.

We also stock Festool drywall screws in packs of 1000 screws, in four lengths - 25mm - 45mm long.

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