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Festool Domino ConnectorsFestool Domino Connectors
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Festool Domino Connectors|
Festool Domino Connectors|
Festool Domino Connectors|
Festool Domino Connectors|

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 Connector Set (see main description for contents)(#201353) ($259.00) In Stock
 Corner Set: 32 Anchor Bolts SV-AB D14, 32 Cross Anchors SV-QA D14, 32 Expansion Anchors SV-SA D14(#20827). ($120.00) In Stock
 Surface Set: 16 Double Bolts SV-DB D14, 32 Cross Anchors SV-QA D14, 64 Half-Shells SV-V D14 for widening.(#201828). ($80.00) In Stock
 32 Expansion Anchors for permanent placement(#201349). ($35.00) In Stock
 32 Anchor Bolts for corner connections, including 64 Half-Shells (#201350). ($50.00) In Stock
 32 Cross Anchors including screws for locking Anchors or Double Bolts(#201351). ($35.00) In Stock
 16 double-headed bolts for flat connections, including 64 Half-Shells. The double-headed bolts can be clipped using 2 Half-Shells or (as shown) with 4 Half-Shells – depending on the required alignment(#201352). ($35.00) In Stock
 Silver Cosmetic plastic cover cap for exposed mortise holes. 32 pieces(#201354). ($10.00) In Stock
 Dark Brown Cosmetic plastic cover cap for exposed mortise holes. 32 pieces(#201355). ($6.00) In Stock
 Light Brown Cosmetic plastic cover cap for exposed mortise holes. 32 pieces(#201356). ($6.00) In Stock
 104 DOMINO tenons, D14x75, exactly matched to the dimensions of the corner and flat connectors. Serves to provide alignment – in addition to the connectors(#201499). ($45.00) In Stock
 64 Half-Shells for widening 32 Cross Anchors. For widening and pressure distribution when using Cross Anchors (201351) in materials such as particleboard and MDF(#201498). ($15.00) In Stock
 14mm Domino Cutter for XL and installing connectors (#497871) ($64.00) In Stock
Knockdown fasteners are really handy when you need to make something that can be broken down, then sturdily reassembled. I have display cases for tool shows on my mind, but other uses are more typical. If you're building a bed, sofa or another large piece of furniture for use somewhere else, wouldn't it be great to make your on-site assembly easier? Festool's flat and corner knock down Domino connectors make your pieces more portable. They're designed for the Domino XL 14 mm cutter, to be used on 30 mm or thicker stock. Insert these knock down connectors the same way as you would loose tenons. Check out the video for a proper demo.

In addition to various parts and sets we also stock a full kit of connectors in a systainer. The full set includes:
  • DOMINO Connector Set SV-SYS 32 Anchor Bolts SV-AB D14
  • 16 Connector Double Bolts SV-DB D14
  • 128 Half-Shells for the Anchor Bolts and Connector Double Bolts
  • 32 Expansion Anchors SV-SA D14
  • 64 transverse anchors SV-QA D14 including studs
  • hex wrench 4 mm for tightening screws
  • 64 Half-Shells SV-V D14 for widening 32 cross anchors
  • 32 cover caps each in silver, dark brown and light brown
  • 32 Domino Tenons D14x75 beech
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