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  • BT&C Cut Nails
    Cut nails are an intermediate form of nail that were popular in the United States in the early part of the nineteenth century. They bridge the technological gap between earlier hand-made nails and later wire nails. They are made by shearing off wedge shaped bits from strips of iron or steel and then putting a head on the wedges. A wedged shaped nail will always grip significantly tighter than a wire nail which is only "wedged" at its point. Because a cut nail is only wedged in one direction as long as you hammer the nail in with the wedge oriented parallel to the grain of the wood you can use large nails, with great holding power, at little danger of splitting the wood.

    While we list typical applications for each type of nail feel free to adapt any of these nail patterns to whatever your needs are.
    All BT&C cut nails are made in the USA by Tremont Nail, the oldest remaining cut nail maker in the USA, making nails since 1819. If you purchase four or more packets of any type of nails you will get 10% off the purchase price. Nails are sold by weight. The number given next to the item in parenthesis is an approximate count for the package.