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Leather Belts by ETWAS

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Etwas Leather Goods
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  Etwas Leather Goods
Leather  Belts by ETWAS - Hand hammered copper rivetLeather  Belts by ETWAS - Hand hammered copper rivetcancelleft arrowright arrow
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- Hand hammered copper rivet
Leather  Belts by ETWAS - Hand hammered copper rivet
Leather  Belts by ETWAS - Black or Brown, to match your shoes or your druthers
Leather  Belts by ETWAS - Patinaed brass buckle, and hand hammered copper rivet
Leather  Belts by ETWAS - Gramercy holdfasts, hard at work, in the ETWAS studio
Leather  Belts by ETWAS - The ETWAS Studio
Leather  Belts by ETWAS - Will Lisak, founder and craftsman of ETWAS Project

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  ($72.00) In Stock
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The ETWAS Leather belt is handmade right down to the hand hammered rivet. The brass buckle is hand patinaed, and the thick leather comes in Black or Brown so you can match your shoes, or your druthers.

Everytime we slide an ETWAS belt through our hands or belt loops, it's the little details that make us smile. The hammered copper rivetclick for picture isn't something you will find on a mass produced belt, and although it's neither stronger, nor weaker than one smashed by machine, we like the idea that our purchase encourages the use of hand tools.

Belt sizes are the actual measurement, from the center hole, and have 3 inches of adjustment in either direction. Not all pants waist sizes are quite as dimensionally honest as ETWAS, so it's best to take out a tape measure, put on your favorite pair of blue jeans or pants, and double check. All belts are 1-1/4" wide.

Made in Brooklyn, New York using hand tools.
We don't typically spend much time shopping high end menswear, so it was a real treat when Will Lisak visited our store to pick up a pair of Gramercy Holdfasts. Will is a leather worker whose company ETWAS produces hand crafted leather bags wallets and accessories. Production is done entirely by hand, by Will, and we quickly got to talking about hand tools, old castings and hand powered machinery.

Will has crafted two special edition products for Tools for Working Wood, the #3 Tool Bag, and a heavy duty bill fold. Additionally we are carrying a card holder and these belts.

We are proud to support local New York businesses like ETWAS, especially ones involved in the hand tool movement.
"I graduated from school, the economy was bad and I didn't want to start work at a 9 to 5 for low pay, or be an intern somewhere. I didn't want to work for years towards a career that maybe wasn't going to be in the city I wanted to be in, or the kind of life I'd like to lead.

I wanted to be in a place that had a workshop, be it a rural place. A place where I have access to time, to make stuff. I was trying to find a way as a designer not to make just a product or work for a company and decorate the product, but to design the system.

I find that's the issue that affects our happiness now more than anything. How we're employed, if we're employed. The decisions employers make about labor.

So I thought as a designer, that's the issue I want to tackle; it's more the way things are done, and that things are being done that's important. So I called it ETWAS because it's the German word for "something" and I was inspired at the time by the Wiener Werkstatte and the Deutche Werkbund, or the kind of German idea of gesamptkunstwerk, like this workshop where everything is designed and everything is a piece of the art and not just the thing that's being made.

It's more about the way it's done, and finding something I could make in that manner was the thing, and that's why I called it something. But it was finding the thing to be done that was made sense, but it was the way of doing it that was the design statement."

-Will Lisak, founder and craftsman ETWAS Project
Customer Reviews:

The Best

By: Old Baleine (Sep, 2013)

Handsome, beautifully made belts for a lifetime. I bought a black and a russet. Slather them with Obenhauf's and wear them daily. They make me stand up straighter and keep my conscience clearer. Damn nice belts.
I own this product.

Superb Quality

By: Matt (Jun, 2013)

I have to say that this belt surpasses the quality and workmanship of any other belt I have used. The hand sewn details as well as the hand hammered rivet are things you just can't find elsewhere and make me proud to support a small, U.S. manufacturer.
I own this product.

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