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2" of knuckle clearance2" of knuckle clearance
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2" of knuckle clearance
2" of knuckle clearance
Snap-in-place clips securely hold any 8" or 10" DuoSharp stone  - without obscuring the grit indicator!
Switch stones by squeezing together the tabs on the underside of the base.
Use the handle on the underside of the base while sharpening larger edge-tools with your DuoSharp diamond stone.
Rubber feet, Base, and Adjustable clips

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 DuoBase (does not include stone) ($16.00) In Stock
The DuoBase grips 10" and 8" DuoSharp stones, to eliminate sliding or rocking on the worksurface while sharpening, while giving clearance for knuckles, and adding a sturdy handle for sharpening large tools.

To place a stone on the base, just snap the tabbed stops over the ends of the stone. The base can be used on a work surface, or held with the built in handle to bring the stone to the work-piece for sharpening large or heavy tools like drawknives or axes.

The DuoBase holds all DMT 10" and 8" DuoSharp and DuoSharp Plus bench stones, and has a recess that will fit (but not clip) any 2" x 6" stone, including DiaSharp and Diamond Whetstones stones.

Overall Dimensions of the DuoBase are: 12 1/4" by 4 3/4" by 2"

The DMT DuoBase is Made in the USA


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