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Aligner Prokit and Case - Coarse Fine and Extra Fine Stones, Serrated Knife Attachment, Blade Holder, Stone Holder, and the horse they rode in on.
Aligner Prokit packed and ready to travel.
Replacement stones available in Extra Extra Coarse through Extra Extra Fine.
Switching grits is as easy and requires no re-adjustment of the system.
The Replacement Stone Holder includes a Fine Grit Stone.
Replacement Blade Guide

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 Aligner Prokit System - includes Guide, Stone Holder, Extra Fine/Fine/Coarse Stones, Serrated sharpener, and Rugged plastic case. ($64.50) In Stock
 Extra-Extra Fine (stone only) ($16.50) In Stock
 Extra Fine (stone only) ($16.50) In Stock
 Fine (stone only) ($16.50) In Stock
 Coarse (stone only) ($16.50) In Stock
 Extra Coarse (stone only) ($16.50) In Stock
 Extra-Extra Coarse (stone only) ($16.50) In Stock
 Stone Holder (Includes Fine Stone) ($12.00) In Stock
 Blade Guide (Guide Only) ($18.00) In Stock
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The DMT Aligner knife sharpener takes the mystery out of sharpening to a razors edge. To sharpen a knife, just clip the knife blade into the blade guide, and stroke the diamond abrasive over the edge using an easy, natural sharpening motion. The Aligner Prokit comes with Coarse, Fine and Extra Fine stones, as well as a serrated knife attachment and packs into a rugged plastic case.

In addition to the three stone Prokit, we carry DMT's the full range of replacement stones in Extra-Extra Coarse (120 Mesh) through Extra-Extra Fine (8000 Mesh). The Coarser stones are great for edge repair, while the 8000 Mesh Extra-Extra Fine gives the sharpest edge available with a bonded diamond abrasive.

For a really deluxe set-up get a couple extra stone holders along with the ProKit and never need to switch the stones in the holder as you go through you're sequence of grits. The Aligner, like all DMT sharpening products, can be used dry or with splash of water.

Aligner Prokit Plastic Case Measures 6.5" by 7.75" by 2.875"
Aligner Stones Measure 4.36" by .89" by .19" (111mm by 22mm by 5mm)

The DMT Aligner Kit and Accessories are Made in the USA.

Extra Extra Coarse - Diamond Size: 120 micron, 120 mesh DMT Color Code: Silver
Use for Edge Repair, resetting or changing a bevel angle, or flattening another stone.

Extra Coarse - Diamond Size: 60 micron, 220 mesh DMT Color Code: Black
Use for edge repair, resetting or changing a bevel, or flattening fine grit water stones. Good first step for flattening the backs of chisels and plane irons. Color code: Black 60 micron, 220 mesh.

Coarse- Diamond Size: 45 micron, 325 mesh DMT Color Code: Blue
Use for restoring very dull edges, coarse cutting tools, such as froes, lawnmower blades, axes or mortise chisels. Can be used for flattening chisels and plane irons.

Fine- Diamond Size: 25 micron, 600 mesh DMT Color Code: Red
Good intermediate step for plane irons, chisels, or carving tools. Perfect for general sharpening - this is the grit we keep in the kitchen to sharpen knives that see abuse. For woodworking we recommend following this grit with a finer grit diamond stone, water stone, or diamond paste.

Extra Fine- Diamond Size: 9 micron, 1200 mesh DMT Color Code: Gray
Good for use as an intermediate step for plane irons, chisels, or carving tools. Excellent single stone for sharpening kitchen knives. For woodworking we recommend following this grit with a water stone, diamond paste, or extra extra fine grit stone.

Extra Extra Fine- Diamond Size: 3 micron, 8000 mesh DMT Color Code: Tan
Provides the finest grade micronized bonded diamond abrasive available. Surprisingly quick stock removal with millions of diamond cutting edges.

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