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 Small w/ Flat Tip ($16.00) In Stock
 Medium w/ Flat Tip ($21.00) In Stock
 Large w/ Flat Tip ($24.00) In Stock
 Set of all three Flat Tip Brushes ($54.90) In Stock
 Small w/ Chisel Tip ($16.00) In Stock
 Medium w/ Chisel Tip ($21.00) In Stock
 Large w/ Chisel Tip ($24.00) In Stock
 Set of all three Chisel Tip Brushes ($54.90) In Stock
BT&C Round Bristle Paint Brushes are made by old-guard artisans up in the Bronx who have been in the trade for 58 years. Not only are they just a bridge and an island away from our shop, they’re in the business of building a brush the way it should be done.

We wanted a brush that is versatile and worth keeping around, and they delivered. The natural bristles are packed and shaped by hand into a steel ferrule (unfortunately stainless steel was not an option), without a hollow center - these brushes are thick all the way through. The bristles are shampooed and dried in a three-day process, to make them fine, flexible, and to improve their holding power.

What we have here is an American-made brush with premium natural bristles that can be used again and again with your preference of paint: milk paint, latex paint, oil paint, or enamel paint. These solid brushes lay it on thick and even, and wash up well for another use.

Our Round Brushes are available in three sizes, small, medium and large, in either Flat Tip or Chisel Tip, for a full range of choice between fine detail or a thick coat. The "round" ferrules aren't perfectly round and the small brush is nominally 1" x 1 1-1/8". The medium brushes are 1-1/2" x 1-3/4". The large brushes are 2" x 2 1/4". These brushes are suited for paint or thick finishes; for fine finishes see our Gramercy Finishing Brushes.

Made in the USA.


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