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Blaklader  Heavy Duty PadsBlaklader  Heavy Duty Pads
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Blaklader  Heavy Duty Pads|
Blaklader  Heavy Duty Pads|

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 Pair of Kneepads ($29.95) In Stock
Blaklader Heavy Duty Kneepads are the cushiest kneepads Blaklader makes. At over 7/8" thick, these pads are designed for those who's work requires long hours spent kneeling.

  • Designed to fit Blaklader Workpants
  • Thick cushy 7/8" Foam rubber.
  • 6 oz. Per Pair

Why we like Blaklader Heavy Duty Kneepads
The Heavy Duty Kneepads from Blaklader are the weapon of choice for tasks that require hours at a time on your knees. We recommend these pads only for those who absolutely need the extra padding, as Blakladers lightweight foam kneepads are more comfortable while walking around. But if you're looking for the Cadillac of slip-in kneepads to go with your Blaklader Workpants, the Heavy Duty Kneepads offer a ride that can't be beat.

Overall Dimensions: .875" by 7" by 8"

Blacklader clothing is Designed in Sweden and manufactured in Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

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