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Koostik Pivot DIY Kit - Walnut Koostik Pivot Kit as DIY’d by Gramercy ToolsKoostik Pivot DIY Kit - Walnut Koostik Pivot Kit as DIY’d by Gramercy Tools
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- Walnut Koostik Pivot Kit as DIY’d by Gramercy Tools
Koostik Pivot DIY Kit| - Walnut Koostik Pivot Kit as DIY’d by Gramercy Tools
Koostik Pivot DIY Kit|
Koostik Pivot DIY Kit| - Ambrosia Maple and Walnut Koostik Pivots
Koostik Pivot DIY Kit| - Gluing the Face to the body.
Koostik Pivot DIY Kit| - Shaping is a lot of fun.
Koostik Pivot DIY Kit| - Layout
Koostik Pivot DIY Kit| - Ready for finishing!
Koostik Pivot DIY Kit| - Brushing on BT&C Garnet Shellac
Koostik Pivot DIY Kit| - Koostik Pivot is so called because you can set your phone vertically or horizontally.

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The Koostik Pivot DIY Kit sounds like a great way to have fun woodworking with family or friends while building something useful. Using simple acoustic principles, the Koostic passively amplifies the speaker of you iPhone 4, 5 or 6. The Kit consists of a solid Ambrosia Maple or Walnut body and face and includes step by step instructions for gluing up, and shaping you very own Koostik.

Although more advanced woodworkers could quite easily make a Koostik look-alike from scratch this kit cuts out the more dimensionally critical steps. At its most basic the Kit could be completed with glue, sandpaper, a few clamps and past wax or oil for the finish. More advanced variations are essentially limitless - we went to town on a walnut kit with handplanes, a Gramercy Bowsaw and Rasps, and finished it off with a BT&C Shellac French Polish.

No matter you skill level, building your own custom Pivot Koostic is a cool way to share your love of woodworking, and engage with a younger, networked generation.

Koostik Pivot Kits are Made in the USA.
There are a lot of ways to complete your own DIY Koostik Pivot. So get as crazy or stay as minimalist as you want - but here is how we did it:

We started out with a Walnut Koostik Pivot Kit, and followed the instructions for glue-up and clamping, using Nexabond Instant Woodglue. After that, we did some basic layout, and wasting with handplanes, a couple Gramercy Rasps and a Gramercy Bow Saw.

The Finish is French Polished BT&C Garnet Shellac. We stared by brushing on the first coat to speed up the process.

Materials used:

Nexabond Instant Woodglue
Kant-Twist Clamps (3" and 4 1/2")
Scrub and Finish Planes
Norton 180 and 320 Sandpaper
Gramercy Tools Bow Saw
Gramercy 9 1/2" 11 TPI Cabinet Makers Rasp
Gramercy 5" 25 TPI Cabinet Makers Rasp
2" Gramercy Shellac Brush
Squeeze Bottle
Mason Jar
T-shirt Rag

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