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Burnheart Made Dancing Master CalipersBurnheart Made Dancing Master Calipers
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Burnheart Made Dancing Master Calipers|
Burnheart Made Dancing Master Calipers|
Burnheart Made Dancing Master Calipers|
Burnheart Made Dancing Master Calipers|

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The Dancing Master Calipers are made in Maine by Brendan Bernhardt Gaffney, College of the Redwoods alum and former TFWW employee. Inspired by an 18th-century design trend that bordered on lecherous (for the time period) the leggy Dancing Masters function as inside or outside calipers, transferring measurements between toe and toe or heel and heel. Much more slender and elegant than their predecessors (taking the shift in body image ideals for granted here), the curious poses of the Dancing Master Calipers contribute a small joy to the work of turners, machinists, and woodworkers alike.

3.5” overall, the Dancing Master Calipers can measure up to 6” and are ideal for small work, such as turning pens on the lathe or measuring the width of a mortise. We've also found them useful transferring measurements from story sticks (as shown in the photo). The stainless steel legs are joined with a hand-peened friction hinge. If the hinge gets a bit loose, tap with a hammer over a hard solid surface to tighten up. If a bit too tight, drop in some penetrating oil and work back and forth until adequately loose. This is certainly a tool that never sits around long - it’s hard enough to keep our hands off well-made tools, let alone one that is as amusing as it is functional.

Made in Maine, USA.

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