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Sharpening 101 - Back by popular demand!  

Sat Jul 15 2017 (Everything you wanted to know about sharpening but were afraid to ask)

Sharp tools are a requirement for woodworking enjoyment -- but many people have never used truly sharp tools. By popular demand, Joel is offering another round of this free class in which he'll show what it means for an edge to be sharp, discuss the basic options for sharpening tools, and, most importantly, teach a simple technique for free-hand sharpening. Joel will also hang out after his presentation to answer questions and help people master the techniques involved.

Most of the class will be explanation and demonstration, but we'll have space set up so people can try the basic hand motions and techniques. We also want everyone to get a sense for what a truly sharp tool feels like in action. If you want to bring one of your dull chisels to the class, by all means bring it (damaged chisels will be covered in a separate class on grinding). We will have tools to practice on for some hands-on experience; the focus will be on sharpening chisels and plane blades.

Parking is available in our driveway, near our driveway, and under the expressway. The subway (R train to 25th street in Brooklyn) is a few blocks blocks away.

You don't have to register but please add a comment here so we can get an idea of the number of people who are planning to come.

Instructor: Joel Moskowitz
Cost: FREE
Class duration: 2 hours.
Where: At our showroom at 112 26th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232
Date: Saturday, July 15, 2017
Comments: 13
06/14/2017Max MIller 
I would love to take this class
Max Miller
06/14/2017Charlene Bishop 
I definitely plan on being there. There is a chance that I might bring one person with me.

Yes definitely will go to this....!!
I will be going to this.
06/15/2017Daniel Deverell 
I will attend. Also need to pick up a diamond stone while I'm there.
06/21/2017Stewart Rothman 
I will try to come.
ill be there
07/09/2017JJ aime 
Would like to attend, what time is the class? Thanks

the class starts at noon and goes for 2 hours
Upstate upstart will be there.
07/10/2017Michael Esposito 
Loved your cabinet class with Sebastian, will come for the sharpening class too
07/12/2017Marge Pfleiderer 
Looking forward to this!
07/13/2017Abdon Bolivar 
My nephew and I are looking forward to the class. I've always wanted to be edgy. I'll keep the crappy puns to myself in class.
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