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How To Grind Edge Tools  

Sat Mar 11 12:00 PM

We have always considered the grinder to be one of the most important tools in the workshop. Understanding how to use a grinder can save you hours of sharpening time. Many people are afraid of the grinder. Afraid that they will overheat, "burn", and destroy their tools. This fear exists because overheating a tool is easy to do unless you have good technique. With the right technique damaging a tool is really a rare occurrence.

In this class you will learn how to hollow grind chisels and plane irons to a wire edge without damage in a minute or two. You will learn:
When to grind.
The geometry of grinding.
Classic and modern grinding technology and equipment
Grinder safety
and most important: The technique of grinding.

Most of this class will be lecture and demonstration. But every student will have a chance to use a properly set up high speed dry grinder and get a feel for the tool. Tools to work on will be provided however if you wish to bring a single tool (with flat back) we will take a look and let you work on it using our equipment.

Please bring safety glasses or goggles.

For more information on Joel's technique please see his series of blogs on grinding:
How To Grind Part 1 is here.
How To Grind Part Part 2 is here.
How To Grind Part Part 3 is here.
How To Grind Part Part 4 is here.
How To Grind Part Part 5 is here.
How To Grind Part Part 6 is here.

Parking is available in our driveway, near our driveway, and under the expressway. The subway (R train to 25th street in Brooklyn) is only 3 1/2 blocks away.

You don't have to register but please add a comment here so we can get an idea of the number of people who are planning to come.

Instructor: Joel Moskowitz.
Cost: FREE
Class duration: 2 hours
Where: At our showroom at 112 26th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Comments: 4
03/04/2017Rob McConnell 
Read the blogs - now to watch the action!
03/06/2017Don Mathews 
This is exactly what I want to learn. I plan to attend.
03/09/2017David Nicolanti 
Planning on coming to the grinding class
03/09/2017Jean rim 
I am so excited i need to sharpen my chisels and I was looking for a class on how to~ so excited!
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