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The Woodworkers Of Oberammergau (1934) and The Woodworker (1940)  


We're delighted to institute a new feature, Video Roundup. Like most people, we spend lots of time (way too much time) surfing the web, entranced by various videos. In Video Roundup, we offer some videos from all over the world that we found especially intriguing. Sometimes we'll be pairing videos for extra interest, as we are doing here, with two videos from long ago. First, "The Woodworkers Of Oberammergau," made in 1934, showcases the Bavarian town with a 500 year old tradition of woodworking. Next,"The Woodworker," part of a vocational guidance series called "Your Life Work" associated with Iowa State College, made in 1940.

The Woodworkers Of Oberammergau (1934)

Your Life Work: The Woodworker (1940)

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