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Moving! Moving! Moving! and More on Building Decorations - And Popular Science!


Walking home with my son from Sam Asch Music on 34th street we went east on 30th Street from Seventh to Sixth Avenue. I took a picture of an interesting building and got the idea of a blog entry that is a bit of a continuation of last weeks theme. But before we talk about that. BIG NEWS!

After eight years in Bush Terminal we are moving 7 blocks north to our own warehouse on 112 26th street. Effective (at the latest) March 1, 2016 we will have a ground floor location! Park your car in our driveway steps from the front door! Expanded Hours - opening at 8am Mon-Friday - and maybe (just maybe) even free coffee before 9:30AM. More on this with details as we get closer to the move date!!

The first building that started it off was this Medieval police station. Then there was this Mesopotamian building a few houses down and that's when I got the idea that a blog on just the building decorations on one block - that's it - one block - 30th between 6th and 7th Avenues has to offer for the wandering pedestrian.
Then on the other side of the street was this Gothic building. Technically speaking they should all be called "Neo-Gothic" or "Neo" this or that but that just sounds pretentious and we can all agree that the King Nebuchadnezzar probably didn't work in the Neo-Mesopotamian building, everyone knows he didn't commute and lived and worked in Babylon.
Then comes a bit of Federalist decorations followed by last (at the corner of 6th Avenue) and certainly least, a modern angular building, sans any decoration.

Next week I'll talk more about the move, it's really exciting for us - but moving at least two semi's of stuff, a machine shop, and eight years of misc is a nerve-wracking adventure.

FLASH--- This just in!
A Big Thank You goes out to Popular Science we listing our new Hardware Store Saw and one of the "Top 16 Gadgets We Loved in 2015" Thanks very much and for those interested in the saw, we are backordered but we are ramping up production and are catching up. One of our major New Year's Resolutions (aside from surviving the move) is to ramp up production of all the Gramercy and BT&C products so supply can meet demand!

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01/13/2016 Ken De Witt
I just drove down 30th st 2 weeks ago and again was amazed at the police station. Did miss the other one but I will be back on 30th soon.

Again thanks for also being a tour guide.
01/15/2016 Gail Middleton
Congrats on your new space. Glad you are staying in Brooklyn!
01/18/2016 John Tashjian
Good luck with the move. Looking forward to seeing the new store!
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