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The Lockwood De Forest Residence 7 E. 10th Street NYC


I have known about the De Forest buildings since long before I was professionally involved with tools. I would routinely pass by the building and marvel at what might be the finest exterior architectural carvings anywhere in New York City. Built in 1887 and '88 it is decorated with unfinished teak carvings that have fortunately stood the test of time. De Forest (1850-1932) was an artist who working in the Middle East and India and founded workshops in Ahmadabad to revive the art of woodcarving. The building is currently part of NYU. This information comes from the AIA guide to New York City which I highly recommend to anyone interested in self guided walking tours of some of the most interesting buildings and location in the five boroughs.
I don't have much more to add about the buildings except the pictures. Look at both the details and grace of the carvings. They really are something else.
Please click on the pictures to get an enlargements. I just love them elephants and I wish I could carve this well!
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04/19/2008 Paul Chapman
Delightful stuff, Joel. It's amazing how long those carvings have lasted.


Paul Chapman
04/19/2008 Andy
I've always loved those, as well -- one of the things that moved me to begin
working with wood, even though I'm not a carver (yet)!
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