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 Replacement hard / translucent Arkansas stone. ($169.95) In Stock
 Replacement fine India stone. ($26.95) In Stock
 Replacement medium India stone. ($26.95) In Stock
Norton has been making its Multi-stone for at least 70-plus years. It's a great concept - having everything in one place in a holder that stays put on your bench. However, the stock stones that used to come with the system weren't really appropriate for woodworkers, and upgrading the stones could be expensive. So it gives us great pleasure to be able to offer a Multi-stone specifically designed for woodworkers. The three stones are a wonderful top-of-the-line translucent Arkansas stone, for finish sharpening; a medium India stone for creating the wire edge; and a coarse Cyrstolon stone for rough metal removal. The only time you will need the Crystolon stone is if you have to get rid of chip in an edge. The kit comes with a pint of Norton's best honing oil. The only other thing you need to create the perfect edge is an untreated strop. For instructions on how to sharpen see our sharpening exhibit at

We are pleased to be able to offer genuine Norton black Arkansas stones for those looking for the finest grade stone coming out the Norton quarries. Norton typicially does not offer this stone simply because there isn't much supply.

All the stones are 11 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 1/2" thick. The extra length of the stones will be a boon for those of you using a honing guide, but even if you free hand (as shown in our sharpening exhibit), the extra length means a longer stroke and faster results. The coarse diamond stone we carry also fits in the system, and some people swap it for the coarse Crystolon.

The instructions that come with the kit suggest filling the well of the Multi-stone with oil so the stones are always wet. We strongly recommend just dropping a little oil on the stones before use and wiping it off when done. This will prevent scratching the Arkansas stone with errant grit from the coarser stones. Oilstones should always be used with a thin layer of oil on the stone. The oil makes the blade move easier and more importantly, it floats off the steel particles so the stone does not clog.
As we didn't like the instructions that comes with every Multi-stone, so we've included a copy of our own instructions that will tell you how to care for your stones for a lifetime of maintenance-free sharpening. In normal use these stones will never need flattening. Made in USA.  
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