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We are always on the look out for workshops and companies that produce products of exceptional design or quality. Last January (2013) we were invited to display our tools at the Nepenthes clothing store in Midtown Manhattan. At first we felt like a fish out of water, but we quickly found common ground over Nepenthes' in-house work wear inspired brand Engineered Garments.

The Engineered Garments Plaid work shirt is a comfortable button up made with the detailing that goes the extra mile. The sleeves have reinforced gussets, as do the side seams. The tails are long enough to tuck in comfortably, and the fit is stylish but comfortable. You can wear it over a another shirt or on its own.

If you're like us, and you think saw dust adds just the right amount of woodsy swagger to an outfit, this is your shirt.

Engineered Garments clothing is designed and sewn in the USA.

Note: Altered or laundered clothing is not returnable.  

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