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Stainless Steel Sharpening Table
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A small dedicated corner of your shop just for sharpening makes it far easier to keep tools ready for action. This sharpening station is 18" wide x 24" deep with a 1 1/2" riser at the back. The top is heavy gauge T-430 Stainless steel, with 1 5/8" galvanized steel legs. The very solid galvanized shelf is height adjustable. The front and sides of the table have a 2" lip, welded at the corners. Overall height 34 3/4" with heavy duty plastic levelers for adjusting to irregular floors.

This is a heavy duty table designed for commercial use and therefore is very solidly built (about 30 lbs.). It's great. The shelf can be positioned anywhere along the legs and is a great place to store the stones that are not in use.

The stainless steel surface is a little slick - we use a wet paper towel to waterstones from sliding about. A rubber mat would work well also. The riser in the back keeps stuff from falling which is a big bonus. The table is small enough to be useful without dominating the shop floor and it is easily strong enough to be used as a base for a wet grinder or similar tools. Stainless is very easy to clean and our table is rapidly becoming the spot where we do all the messy stuff where we don't want to get glue or dye on our workbenches.  
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Customer Reviews:

Sharpening Table

By: Scott Brihn (Dec, 2014)

This table fits well in the space adjacent to the shop sink. To further increase the stability the table is tucked into a corner surrounded by tile. I used a bit of weatherstripping on the back and side edges to make a consistent and quiet connection against the wall. The top at 18" x 24" has plenty of room for the Stone Pond. The lower shelf is indeed sturdy and a good place to store a granite surface plate and water mister. I am 5'9" tall and the overall height when sharpening enables me to stand up straight when using the Stone Pond. I find this to be a comfortable position for sharpening. Combined with a bit of newspaper the stainless top will make this a good place to clean saw blades. Assembly is straightforward. The plastic leveling feet work well on the tile floor. I looked at some alternatives with metal feet and just didn't like the thought of metal feet abrading my tile floor. The price when including the additional shipping expense seems fair.
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