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The traditional steel flattening plate (Uraoshi or Kanaban) is normally used with silicon carbide grit and a little water to flatten the backs of new tools quickly. We had been looking for a while for the fastest blade flattening system around. After many fits and starts on flattening tools, we were advised to try a method, suggested by Toshio Odate, which uses diamond paste instead of silicon carbide grit. It works like a charm. When you first rub the iron on the plate, use a lot of pressure so that the grit beds itself in the softer steel. Then rub away. We can get a uniform texture on almost anything in a minute or less. To get a finer polish, you could opt to move to waterstones for the rest of the sharpening process, or continue with a finer grit and the flattening plate - either by cleaning the plate and using a finer grit with it or by using a separate plate for each grit. In case you are wondering, the grit will always roll around, embed in the softer material and cut the harder material. That’s why the plate states pretty flat. These plates have all been milled flat and the mill leaves a nice texture behind to catch the grit. The picture shows our plate mounted on a wood block with a support, which lets it quickly and solidly clamp into a vice. The plate comes drilled for mounting with two countersunk screws. We recommend water-based diamond paste for easy and fast clean up. (L) 9 1/2" (240mm) x (W) 2 3/8" (60mm). x (T) 1/4" (7mm) Made in Japan.  
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