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The blade tension cam in action
Adjusting the hold down pin and blade guide
Very precise cuts are not just possible - they’re easy.
Sawing a packet of veneer.
The Knew Concepts Precision Saw Guide installs on any work surface up to 2 1/2" thick.
Workrest tilts to 45 degrees in either direction.
To remove the saw from the guide just pull the knurled pin, and lift the keyhole off the upper guide wheel.
Workrest at 90 degrees.

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The Knew Concepts Precision Saw Guide allows you to focus on your design, rather than struggling to control your saw. The steel frame attaches easily to a workbench without hardware, and the 7 oz. anodized aluminum saw frame is phenomenally light weight and stiff. It's the perfect American made tool for accurate small scale work like marquetry inlay and jewelry.

The two guide-wheels keep the laser cut saw frame and blade perfectly aligned with the workrest. The saw is easily removed from the guide frame, and is a functional fret saw on its own. The hard anodized aluminum work rest can tilt 45 degrees from horizontal in either direction so you can dial in a bevel angle, and confidently cut beveled inlay, and other complex shapes. A brass hold down pin prevents the blade from lifting and breaking your boulle work or blade.

One of the features that continues to impress us on all Knew concepts saws, is the ingenious blade tension cam. The cam allows for quick repeatable tension, when threading the blade through the workpiece, or replacing a broken blade. Blade tension is essentially set and forget, but the knurled micro-adjust knob makes dialing in perfect blade tension an easy, tool-free affair.

The saw accepts 5" un-pinned fret and jewlers saw blades. Clearance between red annodized saw frame and the blade is 4.75". Clearance between the Grey Steel guide frame and the blade is 5".

Maximum work-piece thickness while using a full saw stroke is .75" although that strikes us as beyond the capacity of most fret saw blades, and would require shortening of the hold down pin.

If you’re looking to go to the next level with your marquetry or inlay, the Knew Concepts Precision Saw Guide is the solution.

Knew Concepts saws are made in USA.

Fret Saws use an exceptionally thin blade clamped at the ends and held in place via friction. Because the blade doesn’t use pins to hold it in place, it can be quite thin, and for this reason, a fret saw, with the right blade, can quite nearly pivot in place. For pierced screens, or other intricate work where precision is prized over speed a fret saw is the way to go. Knew Concepts fret saws, have a blade tension mechanism that is indexed to rotate 45 degrees in either direction.

In contemporary woodworking, the coping saw has largely outgrown its namesake and is more often used as a tool for wasting joinery, or shaping a workpiece. The pinned blade of a coping saw is substantially thicker and taller than a fret saw blade. Coping Saw blades cut an arc (albeit a very small one) rather than pivot. The larger thicker blades of the coping saw, are more durable, and less prone to breaking than fret saw blades. If you will primarily use your saw for joinery and wasting buy a coping saw. Knew Concepts coping saws have a blade tension mechanism that is indexed every 45 degreees, and may rotate a full 360 degrees.

The Precision Saw Guide is a fret saw that interfaces with a guide system to allow for detailed cuts at precise angles to the workpiece. The actual saw is simply a frew saw with a fixed, non rotating blade, and an unusually shaped frame. While the saw itself is actually quite light weight, the protrusions and lack of a rotating blade, make it a little less ideal for free-hand use than a regular Knew Concepts Fret Saw. Buy a Precision Saw Guide if your primary use for the saw will be detailed precise work where maintaining precise the angle of your edge is crucial. The Knew Concepts Precision Saw Guide has a blade tension mechanism that does not rotate. The workrest may be tilted 45 degrees in either direction from perpendicular to the blade.
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