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A lot of people like to use monocrystalline diamond plates to produce the initial bevel on their tools because of their speed, durability and ability to withstand pressure. Toshio Odate wrote in "Woodwork Magazine" that he started using diamond stones for the early stages of sharpening because they would cut "effortlessly and very quickly." But plane blades are almost always sharpened with a very slight camber (or curve), and the diamond stones cut so quickly, so the usual technique of bearing down on the ends did not work. So Odate invented a series of diamond crowning plates that have a very slight (0.0025") concavity to address this problem. The concavity of this plate enables you to create the camber just as easily as you would create a flat bevel on a flat diamond stone. Once the camber is established you can just finish up on a regular polishing stone as you would normally, using finger pressure in each corner of the blade.

However there is also another great advantage to using the crowning plates. Odate says that it is very important to spend time on the final polishing stage of sharpening. There is a marked difference between just using a finishing stone to remove the wire edge and what can be accomplished if enough time is spent to truly polish the edge. However this effort takes time. By using the cambering plates to quickly create the correct geometry you can really concentrate on the final polishing stages of sharpening without increasing the total amount of sharpening time.

The entire set of plates run the full range of diamond grits, from 220 to 1200. We also carry a convex plate so that you can dress a finishing stone to the exact same concavity as the diamond plates and thereby make the polish process even faster and easier. (You will still need at least one polishing stone that is kept flat for sharpening chisels and the backs of all tools). If you want to get just one of grit stone, we recommend the 600, but obviously having the full range will help speed up sharpening a whole kit of planes.

3" x 7" x 1/4" thick. Ductile cast iron. Made in USA.

"Allows you to camber the blade reliably and easily - even your first time out of the gate ... A curved blade is the secret to excellent work with a hand plane, and this sharpening aid is well worth the $110." - "Best New Tools of 2005," - Popular Woodworking
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