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Nexabond 2500m 3-5 minute Handling Time
 1 Oz Sample Bottle ($7.78) Temporarily Sold Out
 4 Oz Project Bottle ($16.50) In Stock
 16 Oz Shop Bottle ($54.96) Temporarily Sold Out
Nexabond 2500s 1-3 minute Handling Time
 1 Oz Sample Bottle ($7.78) Temporarily Sold Out
 4 Oz Project Bottle ($16.50) Temporarily Sold Out
 16 Oz Shop Bottle ($54.96) Temporarily Sold Out
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Nexabond 2500 instant wood adhesive reduces assembly, and clamp time, helping you save money, and keep your projects moving along. Here's the hard facts: A glue up done with Nexabond and clamped for 5 minutes has the shear strength a typical PVA wood glue reaches around the 3 hour mark. That's the kind of result we tend to associate with late night infomercials, but when we tried Nexabond for ourselves we were sold.

Short assembly times reduce floor space requirements, clamp and fixture costs, and workforce organization. Suddenly you don’t need a whole extra table for clamped projects that take hours to dry. You don’t need as many clamps, because they’re not tied up on another work piece, and you don’t have to worry about coordinating labor around drying glue.

And if you’re not a professional woodworker? Nexabond keeps you making shavings - not waiting till the clamps comes off. That means you can get more out of limited shop time.

Workpieces glued with Nexabond are ready to sand and finish in less than a quarter of a hour.

Nexabond is Made in the USA

For the full scoop, download the MSDS, Technical and Instructional PDF's (Links are located below the "add-to-cart" button.) If you're in a hurry, we've hand-picked the most salient, nail biting, seat riveting bits of the below documents, so read on...

Best results are obtained on clean, smooth surfaces that are free of dust and oils. Apply Nexabond™ 2500 Instant Wood Adhesive to one of the two mating surfaces. Ensure that the area to be bonded is adequately filled or coated to obtain optimum bond strength. A large amount of squeeze out is not necessary. Mate the two components and use moderate clamping pressure to complete the assembly.

Nexabond 2500S has a handling time of 1-3 minutes
Nexabond 2500M has a handling time of 3-5 minutes
Clamp time is a recommended 3-5 minutes at moderate pressure for both Nexabond 2500S and 2500M.

Nexabond™ Instant Wood Adhesive should be stored in a cool dry place. For best results, when stored at 30° to 40° F in unopened containers the product will remain within specification for up to two years. Typical shelf life of this product is 12 months at 72o F. Once opened, product should be used at room temperature and not returned to the refrigerator. Keeping the cap on the bottle when not in use will help prolong the shelf life.

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