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Kurvenlinfix MiniKurvenlinfix Mini
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Kurvenlinfix Mini
Kurvenlinfix Mini
To make a template first trace a curve on MDF or Plywood. Then cut out the waste leaving a 1/16" to 1/4" margin for routing to the pattern.
Screw the Kurvenlinfix along the pattern line (screws included).
Route the template using a trim bit, following the Kurvenlinfix as a the guide.
Use your router, a router table, or a shaper, if you have one.
Unscrew the Kurvenlinfix from the template and then use the template you created to rout smoothly curved profiles on your project.

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 Mini - Red - 23.6" (600mm) x 1/2" ($45.00) In Stock
 Mini - Red - 47.2" (1200mm) x 1/2" ($79.00) In Stock
 Blue - 39.4" (1000mm) x 3/4" ($85.00) In Stock
 Blue - 78.7" (2m) x 3/4" ($175.00) In Stock
 Blue - 118.1" (3m) x 3/4" ($260.00) In Stock
The Kurvenlinfix makes smooth work of curved templates and fixtures. Just trace your layout with a jigsaw, screw the Kurvenlinfix along your line and trim it with a router or shaper to create a template with a smooth edge.

Here's how:

  1. Draw a curve on your template (MDF or plywood)
  2. Using a jigsaw, bandsaw, or turning saw, rough cut and remove the waste leaving a 1/4 to 1/8 inch margin..
  3. With the screws provided, screw the Kurvenlinfix to your template along the curve.
  4. Using a trim bit in either a router, a router table, or a shaper, rout out the template to the final line using the Kurvenlinfix as the guide for the router bearing.
  5. Remove the Kurvenlinfix from the finished template and now you have a proper template for routing out curved lines for your project.
  6. For advanced profiles you can even use the Kurvenlinfix on portions of your final template and do complicated profiles in stages as needed.

The mini Kurvenlinfix can bend around a tight curve. The regular Kurvenlinfix is available in lengths up to 118" (9'10") long and can help create a template for large architectural pieces. The 6'6" (78.7") middle size is great for graceful curves on most furniture including headboards.

Made in Austria.  

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