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When is a Japanese Saw not a Japanese saw? The answer is when it is specifically designed for dovetailing. In traditional Japanese cabinetry, dovetail joinery is not common, so when Toshio Odate came to this country to teach woodworking, he found he had to adapt Japanese tools to Western woods and methods of work. For years, many people have cut Western-style dovetails using typical Japanese Duzuki saws. Odate, first about 15 years ago and now again in a new model, has worked to create a saw that utilizes the best of the Japanese approach to sawing customized for Western joinery.

The cutting teeth of the saw is only 7" long for easy control and 1 3/4" deep at it deepest (at tip). The teeth are a modified rip for good performance on ripping - which is what dovetailing mostly is - but it will also perform well on diagonals and the occasional crosscut shoulder. Made in Japan.  

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