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The shirt so nice Joel wears it twice.The shirt so nice Joel wears it twice.
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The shirt so nice Joel wears it twice.
The shirt so nice Joel wears it twice.
Measure Twice, Cut Once, Always look great.

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The Gramercy saw etch is a call to arms. It embodies the attention to detail we endeavor to bring to each and every product designed and manufactured by Gramercy. Tim's beautiful artwork, began as a simple idea: a cabinet maker, walking past the Gramercy Park gates on his way to work. Onsite reconnaissance was followed by a few days at the drafting table, and the simple scene began to fill out into the finished artwork that we acid etch into each and every Gramercy saw plate.

At T-shirt scale you can clearly see Gram's tool tote, and work wear - all of it available from the Sears Roebuck Catalog over 100 years ago. Lucky for you, there's no need to go vintage shopping if you want to look as sharp as Gram - You can wear this T-shirt and let the world know that you appreciate great tools.

100% cotton shirt Made in USA. Designed and printed in New York.

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Subtle colours, Detailed logo

By: Jeff Hallam (Aug, 2014)

Comfortable, quality material and the etch design is well done. I found it to fit on the small side so I would recommend buying one size larger than normal.
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