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Glen - Drake Tite-Hammers
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 Set of all 4 hammers ($208.95) In Stock
This is a new product from Glen-Drake, designed with their usual sensitivity to ergonomics and ease of use. The Tite Hammer fits in the palm of your hand and was created for precise control in when you use a chisel or carve. Like its larger Glen-Drake counterparts, the Tite Hammer comes in four sizes (with the middle 2 sizes perhaps being the most popular) but it differs from their other hammers in that the handle is not handed. Made in USA.  
Customer Reviews:

Glen-Drake Tite Hammer

By: Tom (Mar, 2013)

I bought one of these when I was visiting Keven after I tried it at his shop in Ft. Bragg, CA. Now that I have had it for a year I use it almost exclusively for fine chopping. I highly recommend this hammer for chisel work.
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