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 Double tooth 2/0 per dozen ($5.95) In Stock
 Double tooth 2/0 6 Dozen (72 blades) ($22.95) In Stock
 Double tooth 2/0 1 Gross (144 blades) ($42.95) In Stock
 Double tooth 3/0 per dozen ($5.95) In Stock
 Double tooth 3/0 6 Dozen (72 blades) ($22.95) In Stock
 Double tooth 3/0 1 Gross (144 blades) ($42.95) In Stock
Olson’s 2/0 & 3/0 double tooth blades are ideal for woodworkers cutting intricate forms from veneer. These ultra-thin blades (.011" and .008" respectively) allow their users to cut super crisp detail out of material up to 1/4" thick. The double tooth configuration minimizes tear out, which translates to less wasted time and material.  
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