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Our Exhibition board in Amana, Iowa May 2014  Photo by Jeff Burks
Master saw-smith Kris Pastuszka with two of Gramercy’s finest.
Available in Red too!

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Connect with the exuberance of the past and exhibit your great taste (in fine tools) with our exposition t-shirt.

Once upon a time, the great iron mongers of the world commissioned extravagant displays to show off their wares. Our traveling exposition board soars on wings made of tool steel and satin polished brass; It’s a small nod to the giants of the past. We’re mighty proud of our board of tools because anywhere we set it up, it generates a magnetic field, attracting folks young and old to gather and talk tools, craft, and design.

Our Exposition Board was designed and crafted by the Gramercy Shop. T-shirt design and illustration by Gramercy’s very own Tim Corbett.

If you’d like to see our exposition tool board in person, follow us on Twitter for information on upcoming shows (link in the page footer - @TFWW_BROOKLYN), or shoot us an e-mail to see when our board will be back at home in our Brooklyn showroom.

American Apparel 100% cotton shirt Made in USA. Designed and printed in New York.

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Customer Reviews:

Quality shirt

By: Jeff Hallam (Aug, 2014)

I really like the design on the front side and the material has a quality feel. Comfortable shirt but I find that it fits on the small side (I had to buy a second one that fit correctly). Recommend purchasing one size larger than normal.
I own this product.

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