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Mistakes start shaking in their boots when MILAN is your companion in correction
Mistakes start shaking in their boots when MILAN is your companion in correction
The Translucent 924 works great on wood!

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 Black Extra Soft Eraser (7024) ($0.50) In Stock
 Translucent Plastic Eraser (924) ($0.65) In Stock
 Both Erasers Black & Translucent ($1.10) In Stock
Erasing is critical to sketching and drafting, but we don’t really make mistakes so there isn’t a lot we can say about these erasers by Milan, except that they feature such beautiful, capital “M” Modern packaging, that they make us a little misty eyed... Just kidding!

We decided to carry the Milan 924 because we do a lot of hand drafting in pencil, and for that it is nearly perfect. The eraser is non-abrasive, and hard enough that you can use it precisely. What surprised us about this eraser was how great it is for erasing pencil layout from wood. This eraser won’t leave graphite, grit, or smudges on the surface of your board, and its harder texture doesn’t instantly fall to pieces.

The Milan Extra Soft Black 7024 Erasers are perfect for removing soft pencil marks from paper or vellum. They’re lusciously soft and quickly pick up graphite, although on rough surfaces such as cold press paper or wood they can be a little smear-y. For general drawing, and removing soft graphite from smooth paper, these are the way to go . If you plan on erasing on wood, choose the clear Milan 924.

If you are like some of us here, and drawing is mostly about removing errant graphite from the page, the Milan erasers will undoubtedly result in a multi-fold gain in productivity.

Both erasers measure ⅜” by ⅞” by 2”

Made in Spain since 1918  
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