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  W. L. Fuller Drill Bits - Made In USA
#6 set#6 set
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#6 set
#6 set
The #6 set
The #11 set
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#6 set
#11 set
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 #6 Set - sizes 5-9. In a cardboard box. NOT quick change. ($75.00) In Stock
 #11 Set - sizes 6,8,10,12,14. Quick change in a wooden box. ($129.95) In Stock
One of the simplest, standard ways of putting together a cabinet is with screws. With one operation these tapered drill bits drill a hole for the screw, a wider hole for clearance in the top board (the bits are tapered) and then they add the countersink and counterbore. All in one operation.

This type of drill bit isn't new but we are pleased to be able to offer a quality drill and countersink set that is made in the USA by Fuller, one of the top drill bit makers in the world.

With these sets you can set the stop collar to just countersink the screw head, or for a more finished look set the stop higher and counter bore deeper and then plug the hole. The set included a plug cutter to make your own matching plugs.

The #6 set includes the five tapered drill bits for correctly drilling and countersinking for screw sizes 5-9. This covers the smaller sized screws up to what you would use for a pretty large cabinet.

The #11 set has a quick change chuck so that you can quickly switched between countersinks and other attachments. It includes five tapered drill bits for correctly drilling and countersinking for screw sizes 6-14, two stop collars, and two plug cutters. This set is intended for larger, production work.

A hex key is included for setting the drill depth and the counterbore dept. Made in USA.  
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