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 Milwaukee 15" vise screw. - New ($80.00) In Stock
 Marples Rosewood Panel Gauge. Condition: -Unused- ($75.00) In Stock
 Clico 1" Jennings Pattern Screw G+ ($40.00) In Stock
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If you like tools and love bargains you're in the right place. This is where we sell discontinued items, returned review samples, lightly used products, showroom samples, and other discounted wares from the far corners of our Brooklyn warehouse.

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Items are returnable, but unlike regular merchandise, you will be responsible for return postage. If you have any questions please send us an email.

We are listing some items that are free but shipping and postage apply. In these cases it makes sense really to get them only if you are ordering some other stuff at the same time.

For more information on the condition of and item refer to the table below:

NewItem is new but might be dusty, and is probably something we don't sell anymore, decided not to stock, or found after the item was discontinued. Packaging may be damaged but the product is not.
UnusedSlightly dinged up or shopworn from handling.
FineComplete, no obvious signs of wear, probably used a little then returned. If the tool was sharpened it was done correctly.
Good+Tool might have some dents and dings. The tool might have a little rust or tarnish. The cutting edge might need a little work, but the tool is functional and perfectly usable
GoodLike good+ but in a little worse shape.
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