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We went looking for a good carving tool roll - one that was big enough for fairly large set of carving tools and had fold over flaps so the tools wouldn't fall out. But we couldn't find anything we liked. So we ended up doing what we did in the past with our chisel roll: we made it ourselves. We thought about what we needed, then we read up on what some of the masters, like Chris Pye, had to say on the subject. We're very happy with the result. The tools are stored with the handles in the pockets so you can see which tool is which. You'll find that our roll holds normal size tools easily, with enough room to stick the handles in and out of the pockets easily, but tight enough so the roll isn't sloppy. The pockets are 5" deep, with a 2" space between the two rows. The roll is 20" wide and overall 29" long. Generous tie ribbons are sturdily fastened to the roll so that you can easily tie the roll shut.

The manufacture is totally old school, take a look at the details of the strong stitching, the embroidery, and even the ties which are waxed so that they don't unravel. Tools not included. Made in USA.
"... an excellent carving roll: well-designed and well-made..." - Chris Pye

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