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  Joseph Marples Ltd. Measuring Tools

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Mitre squares feature a blade fixed at a 45-degree angle. The mitre square was the thing to use when you marked out a mitre, cut it, and then shot it to perfection with a shooting board. If you do a lot of hand work, you will find having a purpose made mitre square is very useful, and this square, part of the Trial 1 line made by Joseph Marples, is a particularly elegant one to have. The Trial 1 squares are the premium squares made by Joseph Marples. The Trial 1 line is based on designs of Marples’ tools last made over 70 years ago, which carried the original 'TRIAL 1' as its corporate mark. The Trial 1 squares have some wonderful features: Both the inside and outside faces of these squares have 1/8th inch thick, machined brass, thus ensuring accuracy on the inside and outside edges. The squares feature a chemically blacked spring steel blade, secured to the stock with brass diamond washers and steel rivets. Made in Sheffield, England.  

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