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Auger Bit File
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The gently rounded edges of the middle section make the file very comfortable to use.

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Until they were discontinued we stocked Nicholson auger bit files. Then when we looked around all we could find were Chinese and Indian replacements that were inexpensive but not that good, and more importantly, not our style. After a long search we found this Italian made file that is actually better than the original. On a pure file making level these are great files with well cut teeth that are hard but not brittle. The teeth will cut evenly and not grab. The profile is correctly shaped and of course one end is toothed on the faces with safe edges and the other end is toothed on the edges with safe faces. All well and good. If this is all that these files delivered we would be happy selling them. But what sets these files apart is something we have never seen on an augur bit file. The center section, where you hold the file, has rounded smooth corners. It is so much nicer than having a typical square edge dig into your fingers. We are spending more time sharpening and less time thinking about how much our fingers hurt. Take a look at the picture for a closer look. 7" long overall. Made in Italy.  
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Good Tool

By: Glen (Oct, 2014)

Good tool. My wife got it for me for my birthday, and this afternoon I used it for a marathon auger-restoration session where I sharpened two to three full sets of old estate-sale augers with it. No pinning of chips and very comfortable. I didn't give it 5 stars because it's too thick to get in between the spur and the screw tip of a #4 auger (Irwin and Jennings patterns both).. no problems whatsoever with #5 and up. I don't know if this is par for the course or not as I do not own the old Nicholson file. As it stands, this file comes recommended by me.
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