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Bright Lemon Yellow Conc.(#3250) - 1 oz. ($8.49) In StockBright Lemon Yellow Conc.(#3250)  - 1 oz.
Orange Conc.(#6029) - 1 oz. ($8.49) In StockOrange Conc.(#6029)  - 1 oz.
Violet Conc.(#6037) - 1 oz. ($8.49) In StockViolet Conc.(#6037)  - 1 oz.
Peacock Blue Greenish Conc.(#6252) - 1 oz. ($8.49) Sold Out
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Peacock Blue Greenish Conc.(#6252)  - 1 oz.
Magenta Conc.(#6366) - 1 oz. ($8.49) In StockMagenta Conc.(#6366)  - 1 oz.
Rose Conc.(#6400) - 1 oz. ($10.49) In StockRose Conc.(#6400)  - 1 oz.
Green Emerald (Bluish) Conc.(#6484) - 1 oz. ($8.49) In StockGreen Emerald (Bluish) Conc.(#6484)  - 1 oz.
Royal Blue Deep Conc.(#6533) - 1 oz. ($8.49) In StockRoyal Blue Deep Conc.(#6533)  - 1 oz.
Yellow Canary Type Conc.(#6581) - 1 oz. ($8.49) In StockYellow Canary Type Conc.(#6581)  - 1 oz.
Bright Red, Conc. (#8382) - 1 oz. ($8.49) In StockBright Red, Conc. (#8382)  - 1 oz.
Rose Pink Conc.(#8419) - 1 oz. ($8.49) In StockRose Pink Conc.(#8419)  - 1 oz.
Green Moss Conc.(#8788) - 1 oz. ($9.49) In StockGreen Moss Conc.(#8788)  - 1 oz.
W. D. Lockwood Dyes have set the standard for coloring and staining wood since their introduction in 1895. As true aniline dyes they feature a bold color palette and are available in dozens of shades. Click here for more information on W. D. Lockwood.

The color samples below show the stain in use in two color dilutions on a sample Birch board. The denser color on the left is a more typical 1 ounce of dye in 1 quart of denatured or methyl alcohol. The lighter stain on the right of each sample is a weaker 1 ounce of stain in 2 quarts of denatured or methyl alcohol. How your stain will ultimately appear on the finished piece depends on several factors: the dilution of the stain, the method by which it was applied, the absorbency of the material, how the top coat looks, etc. Always test your stains and finish before using them on your project. For more information on using Lockwood dyes click here

All packets are one ounce.
If you purchase any combination of four or more packets of dye, you’re entitled to a 10% discount! The discount is automatic and will show up as an entry in your basket.

Made in USA.

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