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Traditional handsaws like our Gramercy Tools dovetail saw use split nuts to hold the blade in the handle. Over time, the nuts may loosen a little, and you'll need to tighten the nuts properly, a job for which you'll need split nut driver. You'll also need one if you decide to make your own saw handle. You can make a split nut driver fairly easily, but we thought it would be good to offer an inexpensive alternative to taking a screwdriver and grinding down for this purpose. Instead of making a whole split nut screwdriver, we use a standard 1/4" hex shank driver. You can easily make your own handle, or do what we do: just include the driver with all our other 1/4" shank tools and keep the tool from disappearing in the toolbox. There's a side benefit that is really wonderful too. We typically stick the driver into our spiral ratchet screwdriver (not included), so instead of having to lift up a screwdriver and potentially ding up the saw nut, we can use the ratchet of screwdriver to keep steady pressure on the driver. The business end of the driver is ground parallel so that the bit won't accidentally cam out in use. The tip fits a 3/64" slot and is just under 7/16" wide. It's a smaller in diameter than our saw nuts, so you won't accidentally mangle the wood if you slip a little. Made in USA.  

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