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The Gramercy Tools 12" Carcase Saws
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 Crosscut Saw - sharp, set and ready to use, with instructions for sawing. ($210.00) In Stock
 Rip Saw - sharp, set and ready to use, with instructions for sawing. ($210.00) In Stock
 A pair of both carcase saws - sharp, set and ready to use, with instructions for sawing. ($399.00) In Stock
 A 12" Xcut carcase saw and a 9" Gramercy Dovetail saw - The Joinery Set ($380.00) In Stock
 Both 12" carcase saws and a 9" Gramercy Dovetail saw - The Full Set ($573.40) In Stock
 Split nut driver ($9.95) In Stock
The Gramercy Tools 12" carcase saws are hand filed, hammer set, and patterned after 18th century design principles. We call them "carcase" saws, which is the proper 18th and 19th century terminology, to call attention to our saws’ 18th century roots.

The carcase saws are filed either crosscut or rip. The crosscut version is used for all sorts of joinery, starting with cutting stock to length, and all joints in which where shoulders and other cuts must be made across the grain. The saw is 14ppi, hand-filed at a 14 degree rake angle and about 20-22 degrees of fleam, so that it will cut quickly with a tooth strong enough to hold an edge in hardwoods. We think you will like the smoothness of cut and the general speed at which the saw cuts.

The rip filed version is used mostly for cutting tenon cheeks and the like, but it’s also very handy for larger dovetails and for gang-cutting tails when the need arises. The saw is has 12ppi with an aggressive zero rake angle. Because we hand file the saws, you end up with a tiny bit of fleam, which will help a little on diagonal cutting. We think you will find it cuts pretty smooth and starts easy for a saw this size.

Both saws are made of .020" 1095 steel at around 48-52rc hardness. That a little harder than most modern "Swedish Saw" steel, but 1095 is closer to the early carbon steels used in saws, and we like the spring and hardness in the steel.

Both saws are canted, which means that the depth of cut at the toe (front) is a little shallower than at the heel. This makes the saw easier to track, needs less force, and overall easier to use. It’s a feature you find on all early saws until mass production took over (and even then some saws have it). Depth of cut at the toe is 2 1/8"

The carcase saw’s American black walnut handle is stronger and has a lower hang than our dovetail saw’s, and has a lower center of gravity relative to the folded brass back. These qualities help you feel when your cuts are vertical and straight and generally contribute to the saw’s responsiveness and control. Like the Gramercy dovetail saw, the carcase saw is branded with a decorative etch in the classic tradition, only this one has more detail to reflect the larger size of saw.

Available singly, as a pair, or as a joinery set with the dovetail saw and a cross-cut carcase saw. The saw is also available as a kit. Shipped sharp and ready to use. With instructions. Made in USA.
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Customer Reviews:

Great dovetail and tenon saw

By: Jason (Jan, 2014)

I own 8 back saws from LN, Wenzloff and Gramercy, but the 12 inch Gramercy rip is probably my favorite. The handle, weight and balance of this saw are superb. It's easy to start, but also fast cutting. I don't really notice any difference in surface finish between this saw and my higher ppi dovetail saws but Gramercy is certainly saws faster due to longer length and lower ppi. Overall an excellent joinery saw that I frequently use for through dovetails and tenons. Hang angle might be a bit low for half-blind dovetails, but I use a different saw for that joint.
I own this product.

12" Carcase Saw

By: Peter Pedisich (Jun, 2013)

This saw has impressed me mostly with the smoothness of the cut. I would say it offers a very clean cut edge on shoulders which is nice, and offers the easiest starting of all my saws. It cuts moderately fast, never feeling slow despite the smoothness, and has superb balance. The handle curvature is a bit too pronounced for my grip and a bit thin, but not so much that I would do anything about it. My palm measure 3.875" across and my fingers are long and thin. The detailing of the handle tastefully integrates the limitations of machine tooling that keep the saw affordable, and the overall look and feel of the tote are elegant and very much in the tradition of the early saws. I am really surprised I feel this way, but the proportion and mass of the brass back in relation to the saw plate are simply sublime!... you must use the saw for 15-20 minutes to realize that some truly refined sense of handwork arrived at this setup. I say surprised because normally I prefer the great massive brass backs of Tyzack's and Pax English saws from the 20th century, somehow this gramercy has won me over. Lastly, the etch... timeless and respectful of tradition without resorting to mimicry. I hope Gramercy Tools find continued success and expand their line, and I hope some crazy hand-tool user finds my Gramercy 12" Carcase saw in my tool chest 50 years from now and it inspires them to build something.
I own this product.

12"; Carcase Crosscut

By: Thomas Priest (Apr, 2013)

This saw is by far my favorite in my arsenal. From the moment in arrives you can see the absolute care that goes into every step of the saw from the start to the packaging. My three favorite features are 1- the handle, The handle fits in your hand as if they had used your own to make a mold, it's smooth, superbly finished and just feels right. 2- the balance, The balance of this saw is perfect, it makes it feel like an extension of your arm exactly like a saw should, this leads me to my third favorite thing- The ease of starting your cut- because of the handle and how well balanced the saw is starting a cut is extremely easy and from there on out its smooth sailing. I personally think this saw is worth every penny, the finish is superb, the etch on the blade is beautiful, the brass back is just the right size and even the care taken in packaging the saw is perfect. I can see many years of use from this saw and would recommend it to anyone looking for a superbly USA made saw that does it job effortlessly and efficiently. Great job TFWW, now make some small panel saws up to match!!
I own this product.

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