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Gramercy Tools Hand Cut Cabinetmaker's Rasps
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 5" long , 25 tpi ($53.95) In Stock
 6 1/2" long, 18 tpi ($66.95) In Stock
 9 1/4" long, 11 tpi ($72.95) In Stock
 10" long , 25 tpi ($109.95) In Stock
 10" long , 16 tpi ($104.95) In Stock
 12" long , 25 tpi ($159.95) In Stock
 12" long , 8 tpi ($109.95) In Stock
Like everyone else, we are suckers for hand made rasps. These Gramercy Tools rasps are hand cut and you will be surprised not only by how fast they work, but by how smooth a surface they leave. Made of surgical grade stainless steel for a tough, long life with a brass ferruled wood handle. The lengths given are the approximate working length of the rasp. "Teeth coarseness" is the approximate number of teeth per inch of the rasp teeth. We have several sizes of rasps designed to cover a wide range of work. The shortest of the rasps is only 5" long (working length) and is inspired by the long-gone Nicholson 55 - except ours is hand cut. The teeth go out to the edge, for a greater range of work. We have longer rasps with both coarser and finer teeth. The larger, finer rasps are ideal for making cabriole legs and other areas of sculpted furniture-making. The rasps are made in Pakistan, which has a long tradition of metalwork, by a single craftsman with very limited production who is working to our specifications. Sizes will come in an out of stock as supply permits. The handles are made in USA.  
Customer Reviews:

Fantastic tools at a great price

By: Casey (Nov, 2013)

These rasps are great and for the price, you can't beat them. My only two real wishes for them would be safe edges (without the teeth) and larger handles. My hand starts to cramp after periods of extended use.
I own this product.

One of my favorite tools

By: Andrew H (Aug, 2013)

A fantastic tool - It is my go-to for everything from final shaping of curves to finessing joinery to fit just right. Leaves an amazingly smooth surface, works quickly and with varying pressure you can hog off material or gently shape it. Compared to what you get at a hardware or home store, these are almost magical by comparison!
I own this product.

Huge upgrade over the hardware store alternatives

By: RC (Jul, 2013)

Being a mostly hand tool guy I purchased these with the expectation that they would come in handy in fairing curves and other shaping tasks. The rasps I had previously were machine stitched from the hardware store and the difference between those and the TFWW rasps is like the difference between Atari and Xbox. They can cut smooth or hog off material without clogging up and the little brush takes care of the rest. I'm surprised how often I reach for these now.
I own this product.

Great rasps

By: Art Kieres (Mar, 2013)

Amazing rasps. Great attention to detail and they cut extremely smoothly and cleanly. I look for excuses to pick them up in the shop.
I own this product.

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