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 A pair of pins ($17.95) In Stock
 Bow saw kit - 3 12" blades and a pair of pins ($25.95) In Stock
 Front handle and toe knob only ($28.95) In Stock
 Full bow saw kit - 3 12" blades, a pair of pins and the two wooden knobs ($49.95) In Stock
A good bow saw is a wonderful thing. A good blade in a nice frame is an even MORE wonderful thing. Making a bow saw or a frame saw or even a small coping saw isn�t difficult as long as you have the right hardware. Here is the right hardware. We designed these brass pins for a turning saw of our own design that uses 12" cross-pined blades (just like coping saw blades only longer). We also wanted to be able to handle a range of blade sizes, so these pins have a hook for cross-pinned blades, as well as a 1/16" hole for mounting drilled blades. The slot for the blades is .030". Our blades and coping saw blades will fit easily in the slot. For thicker blades you can always grind the ends a little thinner. The pins have a wide shoulder to take the tension of the saw. Behind the shoulder the shaft has grooves and a flat for an interference fit so once a handle is glued in, it will not twist or pull off. Overall the pins are about 2 3/4" of which the front part of the shaft with the hook is 1 7/8" long.

For blades to make your own bow saw click the accessory link below. For our design documents, plans, and general instructions click here. Made in USA.  
Customer Reviews:

Bow Saw Kit

By: Bob Crigler (Feb, 2014)

I tried this kit on a whim and I am very impressed. I purchased the blades and the pins and made the rest. Just finished my second saw and love it. Buying four more kits to build as they will make wonderful gifts.
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Bow saw kit

By: Ryan (Feb, 2014)

I really like how well the saw works; it's surprisingly light and the high blade tension makes it cut better than a coping saw. Keeping it together while Changing blades is a little fiddly, but no other complaints. Took about eight hours to make with hand tools, mine looks good, although rougher than the pictures (I used hickory too). The plans are clear, but not sized for 8x11 paper, so keep that in mind if you print them out at home.
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One day bow saw

By: Ross (Sep, 2013)

A rare rainy day in southern New Mexico gave me the chance to convert a bow saw kit into a working saw. Selecting a cut-off curly maple board, and several hours of work resulted in a small bow saw to complement my old Marples. One thing I noted: the cross brace was 5/16" too long for the saw blades, so I shortened it 1/4" to make the joinery fit better. Saw works very well, and is attractive as well. This is a very satisfying day project.
I own this product.

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