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Gramercy Tools 12" Bow Saw Blades
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 16 TPI - 2 blades ($8.95) In Stock
 10 TPI - 2 blades ($8.95) In Stock
 24 TPI - 2 blades ($8.95) In Stock
 Set of 1 each of all three blades ($12.95) In Stock
For years we have been asked where to go to get a good blade for a bow saw* and for years we didn’t really have a good answer. Now we have a great answer.
Our bow saw blades are available in 3 pitches, 10, 16, and 24 tpi. For explanation purposes, think of these essentially as, 12" coping saw blades. That is to say, really narrow blades of about 1/8" width that are 12" long with installed cross-pins that hook into a saw frame just like a coping saw. /The longer stroke will allow really fast and really smooth cutting and in a tensioned bow saw frame you will cut more accurately than with a springy coping saw. The cross-pins make the blades easy to change and are great for getting a blade into pierced work.
For thicker stock go with the 10tpi - it cuts really fast and fairly smooth. For general work the 16 tpi is best. The 24tpi blade usually is too fine for thicker stock - anything greater than 3/4" --, but it does leave an smooth finish. The blades are available in packs of two or as a sample set with 1 of each type of blade.

Tip: When performing delicate work, or sawing a very tight curve, there is a tendency to shorten your saw stroke. Try, instead to use a full stroke, even sawing in place, as you turn tight corners. Since the blade is fastened at its ends, the longer stroke will convey your angle of cut to the wood more completely rather than letting the thin blade twist up in the middle. This will help you cut faster and more accurately. Don’t forget to keep your index finger forward.

For pins to make your own bow saw, click the accessory link below. For our design documents, plans, and general instructions Click here. Made in USA.

*When we say "bow saw" we mean it in the English and American traditional sense - a small frame saw with a narrow blade for curves, piercing, and other intricate work. Another term commonly used is "turning saw."  
Customer Reviews:

ameture woodworker

By: Richard Monger (Sep, 2014)

I built my own bow saw using your drawings and purchasing your blades, hardware and knobs. I LOVE IT!!! I'm building another using your blades and hardware. It will be a gift for my brother.I would like to use cherry or walnut. Is their a prob;em with either of those woods? Thank you for sharing your drawings with us.
I own this product.


By: Paul Singleton (Jun, 2014)

I built the Gramercy 12" bow saw and its such a delight to use that I am going to make another one! The first one was in Beech , maybe I will make the next in Ash just to compare. Thanks for the plans!
I own this product.

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